Salesman RealEstate is a multi-faceted real estate brand with bias in development, sales and marketing of quality real estate through a world-wide network of quality network marketing professionals.

Salesman RealEstate sells hundreds of home lots across Nigeria for individual, organizations and institutional clients.

We understand the anxiety people have when they are unable to sell their properties in order to meet their pressing needs.

We also appreciate the passion people feel when they are set to get their dream properties.

Our goal is to deliver unparalleled service with a unique blend of quality and speed, through an army of creative and intelligent network marketing professionals.

By instructing Salesman RealEstate to undertake as your real estate broker you can be rest assured that your property will be rooted through the deepest and widest sales network with the fastest possible result.



The concept of EASYLand as the name implies is to make land acquisition easy. Under this program we have two categories of offer;


  • Home Ownership

Here we provide affordable plots of land for home construction under a very flexible payment plan – sometimes up to 24 – 36 months installments.


  • Land Banking

This is a process of buying cheap parcel of land in any of our estates or sites for the purpose of selling in future when price appreciates. Usually this opportunity comes when we sell at heavily discounted prices for the sake of raising funds for developmental purposes (that is what we call Developers Deal). This model of land investment has made people richer than any form of real estate investment.

For instance, a land bought at N1M today could be sold for as much as N3M – N4M in less than three years. The good part is that unlike other forms of investment, real estate investing is fairly predictable because it is not subject to depreciation phenomenon other asset classes are proned to.

– Whitevilla Estate


– SREC Homes

This is a site and service estate development situated on the shore of Idu Uruan LGA Akwa Ibom State. The unique nature of this project is that you can buy into it and pay for two years or more.



If you instruct Salesman Real Estate brokers to sell your property, you can sit back and relax while we unleash a comprehensive marketing technique through our unparalleled network of skilled brokers.


Buyer Service Offerings

  1. Acquisition Advisory Service

Here, we offer real estate acquisition advisory services to all our clients so that they could buy based on a will informed decision.

  1. Profile Search Service

Real estate industry is rife with unpleasant experiences due to activities of unscrupulous elements who purports themselves to be agents or landlords. To ensure our clients are safe in every transaction, we conduct profile search to establish authenticity or otherwise of all real estate status.



Real Estate Brokerage Network

A new dimension has been added to the way we market our real estate products and services. We are building a unique affiliate multi-level marketing program with an innovative compensation plan that has never, ever been seen in the history of network marketing.

We have a huge active and passive income opportunity program designed with deliberate effort to add cash flow to your life.

Salesman Real Estate business opportunity is a unique solution for those seeking to start full time or part-time business.

Our business model stand out from the park because it creates unbelievable passive income, yet requires very little cash commitment to start up.

Our vast experience in the real estate industry is what gives us a rare insight into how to combine the power of Network

Marketing with Real Estate as a vehicle for wealth creation.

For instance, the decades old traditional estate agency is having a paradigm-shift both in quality and quantity. Our work, trust and unique service delivery and courage has attracted quality clients to us in great quantity.

You can become an Affiliate Broker with Salesman RealEstate business opportunity anywhere you live in the world.

Property has become one of the most demanding products in the world. There is not even a single individual that is not yearning to own a property. So, if you are willing and ready to take advantage of our brokerage MLM business opportunity, you are going to make a fortune, because there are customers everywhere – our top notch training program will reveal the way to finding them.




Business Owner

Salesman Real Estate Agency Network revolution has paved the way for people to leverage our system and become successful independent business owners faster than imagined possible.



The concept of duplication is massive.

It is what separates the traditional brokerage business model from Salesman Real Estate Brokerage Network Marketing. Let me make you to understand, in traditional agency, just like most traditional businesses, there is a limit to what effort you can exert daily in order to achieve a sales goal – that is, you earn as a result of your personal efforts.

But our concept of duplication allow you to earn legitimately from the efforts of other Affiliate Brokers.


Territorial Expansion Income

Your income is not limited to activities within a particular geographical location. You earn from activities of Affiliate Brokers in any territory that our company is expanding into.


Boomerang Effect of Synergy

Due to massive activities and result experience within our organization, high profile real estate deals are attracted to the company, thereby resulting in a boomerang effect in a way that is not possible without a synergy.

People like to buy from you because of cooperate reasons. People like to sell through you because of results.


Rank Advance

As successful transactions occur within your organization you are taking on new ranks with financial benefits and divers incentives.


Generational Income

As the saying goes; “Your network is your networth.” A strong organization eventually results in income earned from generation to generation.


Power of Conference & Events

Conferences and events are tools with magical power to accelerate your progress. Our program comes with this magical tools


Success Training Program

Salesman RealEstate training program is second to none. Experience have revealed that a lot of ambitious people get frustrated and dump network marketing within a very short span of their entry.

The reason is that they enter into the business uninformed, unprepared and untrained on what to expect and the skill set needed to confront it.

Our training quality exposes every person with little or no knowledge of selling to unlimited success technique required to have a breakthrough in the business within a predictable period of time.


Financial Reward

Because real estate is a high value product the financial reward for our affiliate brokers is massive. Our Affiliate Brokers stands a chance to earn incredible income if they commit themselves to skillfully promoting the business.

Our massive earning potential comes with different packages and compensations.



UPD (Unmerited Privilege Deal)

As the name implies, this is to plug in early birds who signed up with the two highest packages into the global registration income pool of the company for a life time earnings whether they promote or not. Every time an Affiliate renews his or her membership, 5% of the net income goes to the pool.


GPS (Global Profit Shares)

This income stream is going to be activated as soon as the 2000 pool members are completed. What that means is that the 2000 pool members on the highest package will be sharing in yet another 5% Global Sales Profits of the company – this is going to be unbelievably massive.


ARI (Affiliate Renewal Income)

Every 12 months Affiliate membership expires and when renewed the cycle of reward continues in direct proportion to the beneficiary