Salesman RealEstate LTD is a legally registered entity with bias in development and sales of investment real estate products.

With more than two decades of experience in real estate space we, have a unique view of real estate industry thereby creating products that will help people take charge of their financial future.

We have over the years provided opportunity to tons of people to acquire real asset by contributing just a fraction of their disposable income.

To make the hitherto capital intensive real estate affordable

To ensure people retire wealthy using the vehicle of real estate, the safest business on Earth.

A new dimension has been added to the way we market our real estate products and services. We are building a unique affiliate multi level marketing program with an innovative compensation plan that has never, ever been seen in the history of network marketing.

Our goal is to reinvent the good old concept of network marketing with emphasis on product selling team, work and power of duplication.

Abuse of this concept is the single largest reason why people, rather than reap the reward of this unbeatable business, loses their money, backed out and tag the business scam.

Salesman Real Estate project is conceptualized to eliminate complexities, myth and even ruse that get people frustrated out of the lucrative business of MLM.

Our model is designed to provide career opportunity and financial security.
A company can only survive based on the volume of products and services sold, that is why our emphases and sustainability strategy is on sales through a network of skilled marketing partners.

Salesman Real Estate Network Ticket is a package created to give access to people to join our well designed real estate network business.

Salesman training program is second to none. Experience have revealed that a lot of ambitious people get frustrated and dump network marketing within a very short span of their entry.

The reason is that they enter into the business uninformed, unprepared and untrained on what to expect and the skill set needed to confront it.

Our training quality exposes every person with little or no knowledge of selling to unlimited success technique required to have a breakthrough in the business