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Discover The Cheapest Way To Own A Land Even If Your Income Is Nothing To Write Home About.

Dear Friend,

Is the idea of owning a piece of land scaring you to death because your income is very low?


Calm! It’s not all about money, ok!
Don’t worry!

You’re not alone in this.
It is quite natural to feel this way, I was ones in your shoes – and many of our members too.

Yes, the truth is, to own a land or a house you need an income. –
I am not trying to equate land ownership with having no money, what I am going to share here is how you are going to achieve land acquisition cheaper and faster than you ever thought possible regardless of your income status.

A lot of people erroneously think, if they could have sufficient income they would be better off buying a land.

But hear me…
it is not all about much money.
It is about individual attitude to handling money.

So many people earn a lot of money and yet fail to account for how they spent it at the end of the day.


Here is a true life story.

At a webinar, a banker looking very worried came up to ask a question. “Sir, I earn a whooping N2.4million annually and somehow I can’t explain why I still don’t have any assets” throwing more light he said, “I am the first born in my family and my siblings are always on me with one request or the other and all my friends pester me for phone cards and I try to satisfy everybody”

The question is, is it wrong to help family members and friends?

The answer is No.

But what this young man and perhaps others in similar problems of uncontrolled spending need to know is to come out with a fair line of action on how to block the area of leakages and give attention to priorities.

There are other workers who are also salary earners and do not earn anything near the kind of money mentioned, yet own assets of their own.

Cases abound where junior staff of organizations would buy a land and even built a house of their own while their superiors who earns 10 times more remain tenants.

Another middle-aged man once went out to inspect a couple of lands with a view of purchasing it. He actually wanted to start a process of building his own house. After several inspections he discovered that lands around the region had skyrocketed. He regretted why he didn’t buy when he could afford it.


“You may delay, but time will not” says Benjamin Franklin


The reality is that some folks can’t save!


Let’s introduce a balance, the reality is that some of you try hard to save a fraction from your income but isn’t just possible.

Your small income is shared between house rent, feeding cost, transport fares, school fees and all of that.

All these made it difficult for you to consider a project like land or home ownership.

I understand your situation!

This is exactly a scenario that keeps a lot of people for a disturbing 10 to 20 years without a land or shelter.

If you fall under this category and find out you cannot embark on any landed property purchase, the natural and the most justifiable thing to do is to “give up” and blame it on the government, family
background, a friend, children, wife, husband and all of that.

Justified as you may be, this position does not really change anything.


What can you possibly do?

Steven Brown said; “Essentially there are two actions in life: Performance and excuses. Make a decision as to which you will accept for yourself”


Steven Brown said it all; performance and excuses are not good bedfellows.

The reality of your situation is that, your income is low and you have pressing unavoidable needs to attend to –

That is your case right?

What you can practically do is to motivate yourself into the next rung on the ladder by making a decision (performance) to improve your income earnings instead of excuses.

Look for alternative source of income; get a new job; ask for a raise; sell a product in high demand; do something! – just do something!!

All these may not happen overnight, but take action now not tomorrow – move in the direction of your goal.

Listen to what Jordan Belfort told us, “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it”

It’s quite natural to give excuses when we think we can’t do something.

But this quote changed my attitude and open doors for me to see many opportunities.

Here is a SECRET!

98% of people don’t realize the existence of the Law of Attraction – the truth is, whether you are aware of it existence or not, it’s there all the same.

The basic concept of this law is that;
You are a living magnet; you invariably attract into your life the people, situations and circumstances that are in harmony with your dormant thoughts.


This is one law that explains the reason for much of successes and failures.

You will always attract unto your life what you think good or bad success or failure.
And if what you think is land acquisition or home ownership and you take a step
towards it – however little that action may be, you will begin to attract money, favor, ideas, circumstances and people who will be of help one way or another.

Let me not bore you with details of how this law works, but it works just as certain as the Law of Gravitation that you are familiar with.

I applied it in my case and today I am no more a tenant, not only that, I have several lands I called my own.

It might interest you to know that a staggering 95% of accomplished home owners achieved it by installments.

Just like Isrealmore Avivor said, “Success is not obtained overnight it comes in installments; you get a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow until the whole package
is given out. The day you procrastinate, you lose that day’s success.”

Nobody really starts out stashing away cash. As soon as they get started, the Law of Attraction begins to aid their efforts, – giving a clear vision, ideas and creating opportunities.

You would notice I have told you of two categories of people struggling with property ownership;

The one who earns good income but waste it away in uncontrolled expenses –
The other is someone who of a truth cannot venture into it because his income is realistically low.

Whichever category you belong; a basic principles of economics is required.
When you receive some earnings, low or high, it is called an income, and when you spend all your income it’s called
consumption, when you save some part it’s called savings.

When you exercise the discipline to x-ray your income and streamline your spending, it’s called financial intelligence.

You must realize it is possible without financial discipline for income to equal consumption – leaving nothing for savings.

The ability to pull yourself out of the consumption habit and create savings is the sure path of achieving Land Ownership, or anything for that matter.

To some folks handling money appears to be quite a challenge.

But let me ask,
Do you really desire to own a land?
Are you willing and ready to organize your spending so that this priority comes first?

Don’t worry;
Reading this far shows there is a will – and if there is a will there is always a way.

Here is a good news!
Salesman RealEstate Cooperative has perfected a WAY to make it happen for you.

Salesman RealEstate Cooperative is all about providing a platform for you to leverage in order to actualize land ownership dream faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

It’s a program designed to tell you, “Yes, you can achieve it regardless of your financial status or goal.”

DCD Land Voucher is a beautiful concept carefully and thoughtfully crafted to deliver
on your land acquisition needs even if your income is nothing to write home about.

The scheme encourages contributions amongst low income earners in other to make available affordable land properties for onward distribution to contributing members.

That is to say;
With DCD Land Voucher, you can contribute on monthly basis whatever amount of money you are comfortable with.

Yes, I said, whatever amount.

And this money is used to acquire bulk lands at reduced prices making it cheaper and easier for you to buy at heavily discounted prices at a convenient time frame without feeling the pain.

The core of our Cooperative Easy Land Acquisition Program is to completely eliminate the stress and pains, even the
nightmares associating with property acquisition for ordinary people.

Abraham Lincoln captured our exact modus operandi when he said, “In so much as government lands can be disposed of, I am in favor of cutting up the wild lands into parcels, so that every poor man may have a home.”

And since land is the first and major component of home ownership we have device a means to put it in every hand.

You may think since land is expensive product, it may not make sense to start a land acquisition journey with five or ten thousand naira – in fact to some people, the thoughts of it is overwhelming and stupid.

Sorry, let me ask you;
During the last five years how much have you been able to save toward your dream property?

It is not likely anything has been saved.
And it’s not likely that anything will be saved in the next five years – this is the trap we find ourselves – including me.
Yes! I was there!

Remember, what does the magic is not the amount of money you start with – what does the magic is that, the money serves as a key that activates the all-powerful Law of Accumulation.

This law says; every great achievement is an accumulation of hundreds of small efforts and sacrifices that no one ever sees or appreciates.

The achievement of your financial goal will require a tremendous number of small efforts on your part.

Initially you will see very little change or difference, but gradually, your efforts will begin to bear fruit. You will begin to see yourself pulling ahead of your peers.

Don’t forget the old saying; “By the yard it’s hard, but inch by inch, anything is a cinch”

This applied to everything including property ownership.

The distinctive benefits of DCD Land Voucher Account is that;

 It traps your savings in a form that you cannot spend as you like.
 It stretches your capacity to achieve.
 It organizes your meager resources into productive use without being uncomfortable about it.
 Your savings yields 24% capital appreciation per annum making your money to increase in value in other to enhance your land ownership drive.


Guess what!
Interest paid on DCD Land Voucher Account already put you on a higher rental income advantage than a traditional landlord (should you decide to use it as investment scheme) even though you don’t own a physical property yet.

So with DCD interest initiative, the issue of “tying down” money does not exist.

Whoa! Think about it;
Earning 24% interest on your money while saving to buy a land is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

With as little as N3,500, a DCD Land Voucher Account will be opened for you. This also covers your membership.

Remember, if a window of opportunity opens, don’t pull down the shade.

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