1. Question: what is Salesman Real Estate EASYLand Scheme?

Answer: RealEsate EASYLand Scheme is an initiative of Salesman
Real Estate Ltd; aim at making property or home ownership easy for a
group of people with passion and vision through a well-articulated plan.

2. Question: Who becomes a subscriber of EASYLand?

Answer: Subscription for EASYLand is open to everyone with high
level of commitment, determination and genuine passion for home
ownership or wealth creation through real estate.

3. Question: How does one become a subscriber of EASYLand?

Answer: Subscription consists of people who register with the sum
of N2,500 and with consistent monthly payment of Downpayment
Commitment Deposit (DCD).

4. Question: How will increase in price affect subscribers?

Answer: Price increase does not affect existing customers except
they want to subscribe for additional plot(s).

5. Question: Is there an additional payment beside payment for the land?

Answer: Additional payments to be made are at the point of
allocation, and they are:

i. Plot size reconciliation settlement for plot(s) greater than
purchase size.

ii. Development levy

iii. Legal documentation fee (Optional)

iv. Survey fee (subject to prevailing rate)

6. Question: when will my plots be allocation me?

Answer: paper allocation will be done as soon as full payments
(depending on offer) including survey have been made. Physical
allocation follows on a scheduled day. And the exercise will be in
batches; subscribers will be notified in writing.

7. Question: Can I start building on the land now?

Answer: Immediately the land has been allocated to you,
construction may commence.

8. Question: Any provision for Salesman Rea Estate Ltd; to build for

Answer: Yes, Salesman Real Estate Ltd. is very willing and well
positioned to construct for clients any house of their taste at very
competitive rate without compromising quality. We have put in place a
team of experienced civil construction engineers to handle a whole
building process from architectural design, bill of quantity, building
approval processing to actual construction.

9. Question: Is there any restriction as to the type of building I can

Answer: For the purpose of keeping peace with estate best practice,
the outer views of houses on the estate are to be in uniform.

10. Question: What do I get after completion of payments for the land,
document and survey?

Answer: Receipts, Power of Attorney, Letter of Allocation, Estate

11. Question: What title document covers the property?

Answer: The property is covered with purchase power of attorney.
The process of getting relevant titles is ongoing.

12. Question: What other value added service(s) is Salesman
RealEstate Ltd; set to provide for subscribers in the estate?

Answer: Salesman RealEstate Ltd; shall manage the estate from the
beginning of occupation providing maintenance services to the
residents as our office will be conspicuously located within the estate
and well accessed by all.

13. Question: What is the price per plot for residential plots?

Answer: Due to variations on plot planning it may be difficult to have
a uniform plot rate as such rate is fixed at N2,500 per square metre.

14. Question: Is there any encumbrances on the landed plots?

Answer: The land property is free every known government
acquisition and no adverse claimant whatsoever.

15. Question: What are the Infrastructures?

Answer: Entrance arcade comprising or security and estate office, 24
hours security service/police post, vast green area, shopping malls etc.

16. Question: What happens if I cannot complete payment or default
in the payment of the monthly subscription?

Answer: If your land is revoked due to none or irregular payment of
your subscription or you indicated you interest at discontinuing the
transaction, refund is subject to resale of your plot and you get your
contribution less 15% administrative charge and commissions paid to
procure the sales.

17. Question: Can I pay a deposit and pay balance any time within the
duration of tenure chosen?

Answer: After the payment of agreed initial deposit, you are
expected to continue to make your monthly payments. Non-payment
monthly as at when due will be treated as fundamental breach of
contract. The company is not required to put you on notice in this case.

18. Question: Does Salesman Real Estate Ltd; charge interest on the
balance of payments?

Answer: No, the transaction is interest free for active subscriptions
that are within the agreed terms.

19. Question: Is there any time limit to commence work on my land
after allocation?

Answer: For investment property, no. But for residential estate to aid
development and maintain healthy value appreciation, allocated
subscribers are encouraged to start construction immediately. They can
start the fence work around the perimeter of their property or the
foundation work of the main building. A grace period of 6months is
given to achieve this, after which subscribers have another grace period
of eighteen (18) months to build. Failure to achieve these, subscribers
will be relocated to another part of the estate without notice. Salesman
RealEstate Ltd; shall always be there to give every support and
encouragement we can to facilitate speedy development of the estate.

20. Question: Can I resell my plot/property?

Answer: Salesman RealEstate Ltd; can assist subscribers who have
paid up on their land to get a buyer or they can come up with a buyer
themselves whichever comes first, a charge of 15% of the sales price
(agency fee) is payable if Salesman sells for subscriber.

21. Question: What is the process of the transfer (or change of name)
of ownership of the property?

Answer: We recognized that buyers may need to sell their purchase
for vary reasons. However, due to the administrative and legal issues
required in the proper transfer of these purchase, we would only
honour transfer once full payment for land has been made. The buyer
will complete our land subscription form after which title documents
and a purchase/transfer letter can be issued to the new owner (buyer).
Plot owner verification, as exercise which should take place consent of
the original buyer (seller now) attracts a non-refundable transfer fee of
N25,000 (Twenty five thousand Naira only) per unit is payable before
the property transfer form can be treated. Note that the transfer fee is

22. Question: What is the sequence of event in this transaction?

Answer: Payment for land
Payment of survey and documentation fees
Payment of development levy
Payment of road maintenance levy
Allocation by letter
Plot size reconciliation and account settlement (if any)
Physical allocation

23. Question: Can I use my plot for my purpose?

Answer: Plots within the estate are strictly for residential purpose
and can’t be used for churches, ware house, factory etc.