How does SREshares work?
Salesman Real Estate simply buy and sells real estate through pool funds of shareholders and share the proceeds with every investing member in proportion to their SREshare value.

How do I purchase SREshare?
Purchase of SREshare could be done directly from our Dash Board or through any of our accredited Affiliates.

How much is a unit of SREshares?
A unit of SREshare is N2000

What is the minimum unit of SREshares someone can purchase?
Five 5 units

Is SREshares transferable to next of kin?
Absolutely transferable

Is there any acknowledgement to be received from the company as a SREshare holder?
Yes. You will receive an acknowledgement via an email. Not only that you receive a Certificate of Investment.

What is the ROI on SREshares?
50-100% annually depending on the trading result in a particular month.

Can I cash out my dividend on Instant SREshares Bonus(ISB)?
Yes, it is done within 24 hours.

Does SREshares have expiration date for investment refund?
No. SREshares is a real estate cooperative-based instrument. However, since SREshares is highly liquid, it can be traded inside the community or bought over by the company on mutually agreed terms and conditions.