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It is no longer news that a lot of schemes which come disguising as network marketing program has failed, living the participants (both marketers and investors) not only frustrated and sad, but has also dent the image of networkers and the profession of MLM.




This development no doubt has made the business climate unconducive. Things are slow, relationship is strained, reputations are lost, and the customers are hostile.


The good news…

We have the formula to reverse all of those for you.


If you don’t allow someone’s opinion to define your destiny, I will show you how to use a simple, powerful but overlooked old fashion method to:


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Alright! The truth is, irrespective of the opinion of ignorant people, network marketing is a legitimate business model that has made a lot of people very wealthy and will continue to make.


People in network marketing industry are crushing it faster and bigger (with little or nothing) than any other industry in history.


Before you read further, let me share Mark Yarnel’s notable quote with you.


“At this particular time in history, when traditional business offers so little security, network distribution is literally the last bastion of free enterprise. It’s a system in which common people can invest a small sum and, through sheer tenacity and determination, rise to staggering level of financial reward and personal freedom. It is a field devoid of the pitfalls of traditional business


Even if you have lost your reputation, even if you’ve not made money before, even if you are a fresh graduate or young school leaver, even if you have no good formal education… With sheer tenacity and determination, you can rise to a staggering level of financial freedom in network marketing.


Within 3 weeks of the pre launch of our BIG COMBINE (Real Estate + Network Marketing) our members are already grossing between 200 – 300K income.


While I would not want to bore you with much stories and testimonies, permit me to share just a few.


As I said earlier, over the period, there has been an upsurge of Ponzi schemes disguising as network marketing business.


As expected a lot of people has been defrauded – this situation help to heighten skepticism on the authenticity of the profession. All of these happens because in most cases, these program comes without authentic or tangible products behind them.


But Salesman Real Estate having been in real estate space for more than 2 decades, only recently decided to combine the strength of two industries (real estate and network marketing) has come out with one of the strongest business model that will guarantee stability, steady cash flow, and all of these without a bruise on your image.


This is what I call the BIG COMBINE.

We have designed a system of true Entrepreneurship in which you can venture into with insignificant amount of money, but with strong inner will and determination achieve astonishing financial success.



Please, this is not a-get-rich quick scheme. If you are interested in what you do without efforts and be rich, look elsewhere.


Or if you are looking for where to invest 20K and earn 200K in 2months look elsewhere.


If you have been promised a system of networking were you don’t need to sell or refer, yet make millions, please go there. This is not one of such programs.


In our system we sell and refer. Only that we would expose you to the 21st century selling and referral techniques that will make selling simple and a pleasure.


You say a pleasure? Yes, if you apply our well crafted technique and if sales and more people troop into your network, wouldn’t that be a pleasure?


Sure it will.

I will show you how to sell without begging or groveling for patronage.


That is what I call 21st century selling


Our project is built on the sound foundation and principle of integrity, honesty, transparency, financial break through, using correct knowledge of the BIG COMBINED.


The peculiarity of real estate business with regards to stability and wealth creation potential has never been in contest since the world began.


You are going to make massive steady income using our well structured system, painstakingly designed to launch you into this revolutionary project.


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Our 3 entrance packages are

AM1 – 3,500K

AM2 – 21,000K

AM3 – 42,000K (Global Pool Package)


The company have decided to keep the pool membership package at 42,000K only.


Remember it is for limited number of people