In today’s highly volatile and unpredictable investment landscape, real estate still remains the best investment options for visionary investors.


Right now, great opportunity exist at WonderLand Estate, you can invest and double your money legitimately in less than 18 months.


Wondering how?


Alright, here are just three reasons.


⇒ Reason number 1;
LOCATION: In real estate, there are three things that matters; Location, Location, Location.


Due to the establishment of Akwa Ibom State International Airport, Dakada Luxury Estate, and other government and private infrastructural developments, Uyo airport road is fast becoming an irresistible investment destination for visionary investors and smart individuals.


Tons of people inside and outside the state are trooping to the area to grab available land spaces in choice locations before it’s too late.


And WonderLand Estate is located in a very strategic location along this corridor.


⇒ Reason number 2;
VALUE: WonderLand is conceived a move away from the norm, we are creating value through provision of state of the art facilities and infrastructures like, CCTV camera, Intercom connection to every home, 24 hours security, Dedicated transformer, Swimming pool, Lawn tennis court, vast green area, children play ground, Shopping mall, Fitness center, School, Health center, and much more.


Wondering already how this will be possible?


Don’t worry, this is why it is called The WonderLand.


⇒ Reason number 3;
PRICE: Number 3 reason is price advantage.
WonderLand plots are currently sold at heavily discounted prices giving room to few smart early birds to make huge profits before prices go up.


In practice here is how you are going to double your money.


Going by our developmental roadmap, the actual price of WonderLand is fixed for 5.5 million by the first quarter of 2024.


So if you buy at the current off plan price of 2.5 million you would have doubled your asset in 12 months.


Yes, if you buy now you have that guarantee!


Note that the current price does not represent the actual value, price changes as we achieve a particular development benchmark.


Plunge in today!


12 months payment plan is available.


Future belongs to those who see possibilities today before it becomes obvious tomorrow.


If you can envision what is coming up at the WonderLand and buy against all odds, you will applaud your ingenuity much later.


Don’t gamble with your money, real estate is tangible, secured, unmovable, rewarding, and stable.


John Rockefeller once said, “If you hear about a good thing, don’t delay act while you hear.”


If you see a good property offer grab it with two hands.


Don’t miss out on this. You don’t need a fortune teller or a team of investment experts to tell you what transformation will take place along Airport Road in the nearest future.


William Pen said it all when he said, “Find out where the people are going and buy the land before they get there.”


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