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Before I show you how to make 30 times the income of a traditional landlord without owning a single house, let me tell you some HARD TRUTH you probably not heard.

Real estate… I mean rental real estate in its traditional form is an age long investment model – in fact the longest and most preferred by investors.


Real estate, if done well is reputed for creating wealth than any form of business under the sun.

Louise Glickman captured the incredible beauty of real estate business in his famous quote when he said “The greatest investment on earth is earth”.


But the HARD TRUTH here is, 98% of rental real estate is an illusion.


The truth is, unless you are planning to leave an inheritance for your children, – unless you inherit multiple rental properties in choice location, investing in rental properties especially in Nigeria is NOT a good idea?


Majority of us make the mistake of considering the cash that comes in from our let-out properties as our absolute rental income.

Many people are just erroneously satisfied if they have a rental income. Instead of doing that you must check your rental yield.


Take for instance, if you have a property that you have rented out. Take it that you have a property worth N20,000,000 and you earn a rental income of N620,000 a year. The question is; how high or low is this amount?


Can’t give an answer?

Ok. This is an analysis for greater clarity.



Based on the above comparison of Rental Income between Property Rental and PsqVoucher Land Banking, it’s clear that PsqVoucher30X is a better fit.

Aside being a better option, it’s more liquid as your rental income comes quarterly as against the traditional yearly rentals of a rental property.


Want to rock with the best business in the world?



F.A.Q /Terms And Conditions

PsqVoucher is a short for Per Square Meter and is a real estate investing product which allow members or clients to trade in the real estate market without owning a physical property or selling any.

PsqVoucher is an initiative of Salesman RealEstate Cooperative Society Ltd.

Yes, Salesman RealEstate Cooperative Society Ltd. is a duly registered society with Akwa Ibom State Bureau of Cooperative with registration number 10882


Our management team is made up of real estate professionals, financial and legal experts all driven by the passion of creating wealth for an average person through real estate investing, the safest investment on earth.


Salesman RealEstate Cooperative is not an online business with faceless promoters. Neither are we investing people’s fund in highly volatile assets like forex or crypto trading. We invest in real estate tangible assets where you can see, touch  and feel.

Salesman RealEstate Cooperative has successfully developed two sites and services estates namely Whitevilla Estate and SREC Homes with two new ones coming up along Airport Road, Uyo Akwa Ibom State.

Aside our personal estates, our strategic investment includes buying of high yield properties from individuals and corporate vendors across Nigeria.


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Currently ROI is fixed at 40% P/A and is subject to review


You get the following documents:

  1. Investment Certificate
  2. Promissory Land Allocation Letter
  3. Deed of Agreement

For now, there is no provision for termination of contract before maturity date.

In this circumstance, the deceased next of kin inherits the PsqVoucher account without any string attached.


Account reconciliation statement will be sent to you via email or any electronic channel periodically.

Our strategy in real estate investing is best described as “Strategic Value Investing”. Our focus is in trading and not rentals. That’s why we pay higher. We acquire real estate property for less than their intrinsic value, improve on it to increase the value before putting it on the market.

And all our properties are bought in locations prone to speedy appreciation.

Yes, we have an affiliate program where everyone who refers an investor earns as high as 10% one-off commission on the investment sum.